Cobra Language Binding Add-In MonoDevelop Repository

This is the add-in repository for the Cobra language binding add-in for the MonoDevelop integrated development environment. This add-in repository can also be used with the Xamarin Studio IDE.

The latest stable version of the add-in compatible with version 5.X of MonoDevelop is hosted from this site. To get the latest development version instead, use the source-based installation program from the GitHub repository.

Installation Instructions

Before you begin, you should already have installed the Cobra compiler, MonoDevelop, and any required dependencies such as the correct version of the .NET Framework or Mono.

  1. To add this repository to MonoDevelop, open MonoDevelop and select "Add-in Manager" from the "Tools" menu (or the "Application" menu on Mac).
  2. Screenshot
  3. When the Add-in Manager opens, select the "Gallery" tab and click the "Repository" dropdown menu. Select "Manage Repositories...".
  4. Screenshot
  5. Click the "Add" button. Copy this site's address into the Url text box in the resulting window and then click "OK" and close the "Add-In Repository Management" window.
  6. Screenshot
  7. The repository is now registered. Expand the "Language bindings" section and you should see the Cobra Language Binding add-in available for installation. Select it and click "Install...". You will be prompted to confirm the operation.
  8. Screenshot
  9. Close the "Add-in Manager" and restart MonoDevelop to ensure all dependencies are loaded correctly.
  10. Create a new solution from the "File" menu.
  11. Select "Cobra" in the left pane and then select the "Console Project" template in the right pane.
  12. Screenshot
  13. Name your project and then click "OK".
  14. Run the program from the "Run" menu and verify that "Hello, world!" displays to the console. If so, you have successfully installed the Cobra Language Binding add-in. Screenshot

Getting Help

If you encounter difficulties, head on over to the Cobra discussion forums and ask for help.

If you'd like to report a bug in the add-in or make an enhancement request, you can also post this to the forums or add it directly to the issues list on the GitHub repository.